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Government of West Bengal

Lalgarh Government College

P.O.- Lalgarh, District: Jhargram. Pin-721516

Lalgarh Government College

Lalgarh Government College

Lalgarh Government College


Welcome to Lalgarh Government College. The college is built on the wonderfully scenic environment along the river Kansaboti and is surrounded by lush green paddy fields. The college is built covering almost six acres of lands comprising two buildings : one, the main building having the office of the college and class rooms and the other, the Student's Activity Centre having two separate common rooms for the boys and girls, the Student's Union room and the college canteen and one hall room for assembly purposes. Construction activities are still going on in some parts the college.

From The Desk of Principal

"The task of modern educator is not to cut down jungle, but to irrigate deserts."
- C.S.Lewis

Lalgarh is one of those areas of Junglemahal, which is economically backward and a considerable amount of people are well below the poverty line. Hence the populace is deprived of quality higher education. In this context, it is my sincere faith and fond hope that the establishment of a Government College like this will help to the desired cause of passing on higher education to these less-oriented sections of the society. With eight departments and one NSS unit, the college offers formal degree education in areas as diverse as language, humanities, and social sciences. Yet, students must learn more than what is taught in the class. Their routine work with their esteemed faculties should help them to explore the realms beyond the structure of their syllabus. We are here to impart education as the means of developing the pupil’s greatest abilities, because in each of them there lies a private hope and dream the fulfilment of which, can cause benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation. Seeing the reading community coming with expectant zeal and leaving the college campus each day with a hungry heart is the most desirable scene I look forward to. Come my friends! Let us put our steps into the militia of sustainable educational development together!

- Sri. Bisweswar Chakraborty
OIC, Assistant Professor
Lalgarh Government College

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